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Since my last giveaway was a success I decided to do another one :D  this one ends in just one week :V


You can win one messenger bag from the ones available in BlueRobotto’s shop (Check out the shop for more pics and the description of each bag)

2 persons will be selected to win a messenger bag of their choice (1 each winner).            

How to participate:

  • You don’t have to follow BlueRobotto.
  • Reblog this post to participate, only 1 reblog to prevent spam.
  • Likes count too.
  • If you win I should be able to contact you through your tumblr (very important).

Things to consider:

  • Shipping to anywhere in the world, BlueRobotto will cover the shipping expenses.
  • Any question feel free to send a messege :)

The givaway will end on Saturday October 25th, at 10:00 PM Central America time.

Good luck to everyone who participates :D

You can also contact BlueRobotto on twitter @bluerobotto if you want to ask anything.

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A lapse of how I did this piece :)

SAO is in a new chapter and my baby got an ALO makeover! She looks awesome doesn’t she?

to get the oras demo code in the us/canada you have to sign up to the pokemon tainers club before the 20th so youll get the trainers club newsletter coming on the 21st! its via email so make sure you dont lose your email(i had to make like 8 new ones

Asked by Anonymous

Thanks for the info :3


Demo For Pokemon?

does anyone know how to get the demo in the US?? I thought it came through a newsletter or something but I’m not sure

Shit… I’m not ready for this





Those people who constantly reblog your stuff but you never really talk:


I do notice my regulars. You guys are the best.

"Regulars" makes me feel like a bar-tender…

Wiping down my dash at the end of an evening, I see your read-more, over-hear your rant in the tags, so I pour you a drink.

"…what’s troubling you, kid?"

This goes out to everyone. You know who you are.

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Meet Rexina and Terry!

Another pic of Sinon I did in number 29 of the pallette challenge! I think it turned out awesome!

More doggies from the game!



Some final artwork for the game :)
Meet Spanie and Bull



Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your patience and support. Without further ado, we’re proud to announce our crowd funding campaign! We need all the help we can get to make this crowd funding successful and turn these headphones into a reality! Click here to back our project and to check out our slick video. See you there!

It’s out!

God damn I want these soooo bad!!!

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Remember a loooong time ago I said I was doing artwork for a game? Well it’s slowly being released so enjoy some sketches before the final products come out!



This is FAN MADE!!!

Good grief, the animation in this amazing! So close to the film it’s scary! Can’t imagine the amount of effort that went into this.

Seriously this is amazing! props to this person! this is exactly what I want to do with my life!

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So that ad for the new 3ds was so cute I had to draw this up! It’s transparent too!